Autobus Fleet Management System

By using Pardazande Pars’ credit automation system, citizens can pay their fares using contactless and multi-purpose (Hybrid) electronic cards. The purpose of this system is to increase public satisfaction of public transport fleet services and increase the willingness of citizens for commuting with public transportation (buses, minivans, taxis, etc.). On the other hand, due to the implementation of the targeted subsidy plan and the increase in demand for public transportation and the increase of energy carriers (such as gasoline, gas, etc.), good management is not possible without a scientific analysis of the transportation.
The card and its underlying credit system are designed in such a way that it is possible to use a card in all city micro payments such as taxi fares, parking lots and marginal parkings, cultural and recreational centers, city trains, and so on. it could also be gradually expanded with the development of electronic payments to various sectors.

Some benefits of running a smart ticket system:

1) Enhancing general smart card use culture

2) Facilitating the use of buses for travelers

3) Having information and communication services in the country

4) Traffic statistics per station

5) The focus of the organization and municipality on creating the largest and most influential contribution to the application of information and communication technology

6) The possibility of rapid tariff changes

7) Save on organization costs

8) Better monitoring and control and providing more accurate statistics of passengers

9) The possibility of connecting the network with the banking system and crediting through the bank accounts of citizens

10) The use of e-money infrastructure developed by the municipality and in partnership with other organizations and the acquisition of sustainable income for the municipality.

11) Awareness of the exact income of each vehicle and each route and each station

12) Possibility to use as a multipurpose card in other urban services, such as parking, parking and …

13) Leading the municipality to create and develop e-government and benefit from government support

14) Calculate the income of each contractor and his / her rights, organization and municipality (if part or all of the fleet is private)

15) Ommitting ticket printing costs and problems such as distribution and fraud.

16) Development of smart card services in other cases and urban services

17. It is possible to define the fare based on the route and the number of transit stations and days of the week and special occasions

18) Managing and planning the best of bus lines

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