Software Features

  • Graphical and statistical reports on the performance of the bus service in a time series
  • Possibility to set up a group for ticket cards and grouping cards
  • The possibility of setting different rates for each group of money cards, special rates for different groups of users to better manage city traffic
  • required by policy.
  • Cultural functionality will be feasible.
  • Possibility to control driver’s and vehicle’s traffic
  • A report on the reduction of credits and the number of passengers displaced over a period by a driver
  • A report on increasing the validity of the card at a time interval by a payee
  • Possibility to track the amount, date and time of increasing or decreasing the credit of a money card in a timeline
  • Possibility to enter and edit profile of areas, lines, buses, personnel, stations, and booths
  • Possibility to generate driver bills
  • Ability to control user access level
  • Generate user-generated reports
  • Ability to operate under network
  • Define all lines and stations and vehicles in the software
  • Ability to group users and set the amount for each group
  • Ability to define different regions and different bus categories for each region and each line
  • Ability to report based on each group, bus stations and vehicles
  • Reporting on the functioning of each credit booth
  • Automatic data depletion of devices using a wireless network (WIFI)
  • Ability to set the level of access for different users
  • Charge the mother card to control and increase the credit card charger
  • Provide management reports
  • Sql Server Database

نرم افزارهای اتوبوسرانی

Note: In case tracking device and software is used, you can report on the traffic of passengers by station to identify the busy stations at a time interval.

Web-based Software

Technical vehicle information report generator

Driver Attendance software

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