Patrolling Automation

In all places where security, control and supervision are of great importance and need to be regularly monitored over a given period of time, and there are guard or guards for this purpose, a security system can be used.

The biggest problem in this case is the possibility for the guards to be obliterated from certain posts, have delays or disrupted visits, negligence in monitoring, and in general, poor performance of guards.

The patrol and security system, in addition to being the best mechanized solution to this problem, will provide diverse, useful and practical reports for managing the performance of guards, analysis and scheduling.

In this system, after determining the patrolling route and checkpoints, the order of checkpoints can be determined. Using portable devices, guards can check into each patrolling station with the data of exact time being recorded. The software flow provides a report of the performance details of each guard.


Software Features

Hardware Features



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