APTS Software Features

Function: In this system, the person purchases a smart card with the required amount of credit from the ticket sales office, then the card is used to access each game if enouch credit is available on the card. It’s worth noting that in the case of multiplayer gaming devices, it is possible to enter these teams into the gaming area through the access control gate or thermal printer.

Using the card, people can use the parking lot, the restaurant or the shopping mall in addition to the gaming machines. This system with the ability to provide various reports can, in the event of a customer’s complaint, give a printed report of the card’s activity with the excat hours and the date of use and details of all information from the devices.

Advantages of the system:

  • Prevent abusive and mischief
  • Ommitting the heavy ticket printing costs
  • Use shopping malls and restaurants by the same smart card
  • Access the parking lot with the same card
  • Preventing human error related to operators and game operators
  • The possibility of contracting with welfare offices of ministries, government agencies and institutions, schools and in order to issue discounts …
  • Registration and maintenance of all revenues from the playground, including all gaming machines, shopping malls, buffets and restaurants
  • Possibility to offer a variety of incentive and discount packages
  • Possibility to connect to the banking system to allocate a percentage of the revenues between the owner and the owner of the town hall
  • Ability to define time, day and hour limits for using games

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