Amusement Park Ticket Automation System

Considering that investment in playgrounds is risky and important, the owners of the amusement parks face significant risks. Therefore, the amusement park ticket automation system is very important and creates a very important place in attracting customers. Meanwhile, easy management of the park and control over revenue from it on the one hand, and encouraging customers to use more games on the other hand, has always been a concern for the owner of the park. Using the Pardazande Pars’ automation system, the customer no longer needs to carry a large number of coins in his pockets or spend a lot of time in the long queues of the casino to buy tickets. At the same time, the system, with a very diverse range of features, which is briefly discussed below, has solved major problems, such as the misuse of opportunists and sometimes officials of the gaming machines, the heavy ticket printing price, the control over ticket sellers, etc. The following diagram shows the components of a amusement park ticket automation system:


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