Taxi Meter

Due to the growing urban population and transportation within the city, including public transport and fleets service, executive events and so on, it is obviously that the traditional way of managing public transport does not sufice anymore. Today, in advanced countries and even in developing countries, the use of new electronic technologies in transportation matters has become a necessity and they have been able to benefit from it for the benefit of their community. In Iran, bus companies, taxi and other organizations (both private and public) that are in some way connected with the public transportations are not an expectation. For example, the use of electronic fare payment technology, the use of the AVL system, control center and intelligent taxi taxi can be mentioned. The use of these equipment will not only be directly effective in the quality of the transport fleet, but also indirectly by generating urban management information, can be very effective in planning for transportation to urban authorities, and even in the area safety for drivers and passengers using this type of system like (GPS – AVL), especially in taxis.

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