Hardware Features of SRCS

  1. External Devices Controller:
    This device is capable of connecting to the main controller of the system and using this device can control various accessories such as siren and ….

  2. Network Camera:
    Using this type of camera, photographers can be taken and stored in the database.

  3. Motion Detection Sensor:
    This sensor is used to detect motion in the server room for a specified time period.

  4. Siren:
    To give audio alarms in the environment in case of special events in the server room.

  5. Exterior Smoke Sensor:
    To control the smoke level in the environment of servers that are large in size or need more precise control.

  6. Voltage and Current Sensor:
    To control the voltage and current in the server room
    Equipped with a network module

  7. External temperature and humidity sensor:
    To control the temperature and humidity in the room environment, servers that are large or require more precise control.
    Equipped with a network module to communicate with the system

  8. Access control system:
    To control the access to the server room in a variety of ways using card, fingerprint and …

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