Hardware Features of Paintball Automation

  • Paintball Automation Controller Device:
    This device comes with either a card reader or fingerprint scanner or both, which is installed at the entrance
    The entry and exit of members is controlled using this device.


  • Electronic locks:
    Ability to define 15 bracelets for each locker
    Ability to define multiple bracelets to open all lockers
    Ability to disable a bracelet without the need of possession (in case of loss or theft)
    Control all lockers using a Master card
    No wiring inside the closet
    Very low consumption without power (battery replacement almost every 2 years)
    Failure to shut down the system with power failure
    Outputs an external battery if the battery is inside the device
    Has a mechanical key
    Automatic locking feature
    Has a battery charging time completion alert system
    No need for a computer
    Has a waterproof bracelet
    In the plastic and metal models in both silver and gold
    Usability of the card, bracelet, spark plug for opening the closet door


  • Card reader:
    In the centers where the reception area is far from the entrance, this device can be used for registration.


  • Thermal Printers:
    To print receipts.


  • Access Control Gates:
    Input voltage 220V and power consumption 50 watts
    In different sizes
    Stainless steel stainless steel body (IP44 standard)
    Inlet width 550 to 600 mm
    Capable of operating 25 trains per minute
    Ability to release the lever when power is turned off automatically
    Possibility of liberating one side of the gate as a free exit or freeing the two sides of the gate during a crowd congestion
    Possibility to install card readers and fingerprints
    Connectivity via RS232, RJ45 ports
    Operating at ambient temperatures between 30-70 ° F
    Permissible ambient humidity is less than 90%

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