Software Features

  • Ability to define different groups and give different access
  • Ability to define individuals and register a time entry permit
  • Allow access to different devices for different groups
  • Ability to define work shifts in terms of people’s commute
  • Ability to manage multiple access control devices simultaneously
  • Definition and management of locks and access control devices in the organizational, administrative, unit and room structure.
  • The possibility of giving reports by date, individuals, groups and types of access
  • Possibility of communicating with network cameras and register a person’s photo while on the move
  • Possibility of displaying photos of people while browsing the software
  • Possibility of exporting data with different formats
  • Ability to open the door by software
  • Ability to detect the open position and the presence of the door by the access control device
  • Ability to report and control the access via SMS

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