ُSoftware Features of SRCS

  • Windows and web-based monitoring software
  • Web logging and local network logging
  • Ability to communicate with the access control system and open the door by sending a short message
  • Monitor server reset through software and sending a short message
  • Monitor power outage through software and sending a short message
  • Monitor UPS connection and disconnection through software
  • Ability to control Windows services, including DHCP, DNC, etc.
  • Ability to execute specific commands via SMS
  • Ability to alert via SMS, phone call, siren and email
  • Ability to silence or reset the message via SMS
  • The ability to activate other electronic hardwares according to specific conditions or by sending a short message to the system
  • Ability to control various servers and send SMS in case any of them disconnects
  • Possibility to control several server room controllers through a software
  • Ability to define and send short messages to multiple people at the same time
  • Ability to control communication and turn off multiple servers by a central software at specific times
  • Ability to detect servers resets
  • Display of temperature and humidity and detection of smoke and gas in the environment and its logging in the software database and execution of specific commands according to different conditions.

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