Time Attendance Software Features

Comprehensive Time Attendance web-based software features:

  • The ability to receive information and set the clock and date and test the connection and send the profile of the individuals and delete the profile of the individuals and delete the traffic information … from the presence device in each location
  • View online traffic of people with image (monitoring)
  • Ability to define network cameras and view images by admin in attendance system
  • Ability to backup information manually and automatically
  • View queuing and daily leave requests
  • Possibility to send messages to any person when registering traffic
  • Show / hide employee birthday messages, aphorisms, daily occasions, calendar views, show news and more …
  • Calculation of function, delay, overtime, leave and missions daily and monthly, and …
  • Possibility of requesting daily leave or daily missions by personnel
  • Possibility to observe mission, leave, delay and overtime at a specified time interval by personnel in the attendance system
  • The possibility of observing the arrival and departure of personnel within the time period specified by the personnel
  • Possibility to view mission reports, delayed leave, deductions, and overtime at a specified time
  • Ability to receive reports in HTML, TEXT and …
  • Show / hide the birthday of the staff, apostasy sentences, daily occasions, calendar view, show news and

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