Software Features of Paintball Automation

  • Possibility to manage multiple venues simultaneously
  • Booking Capability
  • Sql server database
  • Ability to receive device information in offline mode
  • Management software for device settings.
  • Possibility to prepare various reports (financial, …) and various charts based on the date, devices, user and …
  • Define a calendar to determine the operating hours of the devices.
  • Ability to control the device’s operating time by software.
  • Possibility of assigning each station to different contractors and reporting its functionality
  • The ability to record information about the Paintball Club contracts with the welfare agencies of the organizations
  • Ability to set the access level for system operators
  • Ability to apply discounts for different groups
  • Possibility to set a bonus for a card or bracelet at random
  • Possibility to produce different outputs in different formats
  • Ability to define wrist guard
  • Ability to define the type of game (rial, number, time, contract)
  • Possibility of presence and absence of personnel with the same wristband
  • Ability to group in order to apply for contracts with different centers
  • The possibility of different parking rates for different groups
  • More than 100 different management reports
  • Report of the most inefficient game halls
  • Report of the most productive game halls
  • Survey system
  • Members registration and member photo processing at the same time with the ability to renew membership with the same card number and alert for completion of the deposit
  • Define coaches and determine the percentage of salary per class
  • Define different venues and sports in the Paintball Club
  • Definition of the Paintball Club entry calendar for each member or group to control the entry of members
  • Registration of members in 3 free groups, contractors, memberships
  • Ability to group members used to apply different prices.
  • Ability to connect to the Bluetooth system to send ads to all mobile phones around the collection
  • Ability to send SMS (SMS) to members for notification and other items according to system settings
  • Manage the smart rooms of each club hall with the use of club software and electronic locks
  • The software environment is quite nice and user-friendly
  • Ability to backup club information and complete guide
  • Alarm notification on arrival or departure of certain persons
  • Possibility to display the logo and club name on the system’s printed reports
  • Possibility to connect to the thermal printer to deliver receipts to the customer.
  • Possibility to connect to traffic control gates, electronic locks and automatic doors to control entry and exit.The ability to operate the software under the network
  • Use the turnkey system to prevent customer aggregation
  • Possibility to use numeric display boards to display the charge amount of the card, the remaining credit in the card, the dressing room, the
  • number of people in the paintball club or a hall, the number of vacant rooms in a gym, etc.
  • The ability to define the staff information of the club
  • Ability to define time for each group
  • Ability to adjust discounts for each group
  • Provide details of logging and logging of members in an up-to-date manner, based on the date and each member
  • Report financial performance based on each operator and total revenue
  • Ability to communicate with the attendance system
  • General arrival and departure report by date and time
  • Ability to report based on all items
  • Monthly and annual financial charts
  • Record all the general information of the individual and the possibility of reporting in detail
  • Provides information output to other software such as EXCEL, WORD, CSV, TXT and PDF

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