Technical Information of Access Control Devices

• Ability to open the door and control the personnel movement by the method:
Fingerprint, card, password, fingerprint and password, card and password
• Connectivity to non-contact card readers:
(RFID and MIFARE) and magnetic
• Use one or two types of card readers
• Ability to use remote control to open the door
• Ability to communicate via TCP / IP and WIFI and RS232
• Ability to store information in case of power failure and battery
• Has 16 keys on the device keyboard
• Save fingerprint data and traffic information on the device
• 128 x 64 pixel display display for dark time
• Ability to connect to the departure card to record the departure time of the personnel
• Has a 16-bit processor for faster processing
• Ability to work offline for up to one million traffic
• Ability to send information online
• High stability due to excellent design and use of quality parts
• Ability to define infinite card and 9000 fingerprints
• Ability to display the center logo on the device screen
• Maintenance of information for an indefinite period
• In two types of metal case and plastic with an outdoor installation
• Ability to display names of people on the device screen
• Possibility to display the clock and date as a solar system
• Ability to connect to all kinds of electronic locks and automatic doors
• Dimensions 35 * 175 * 115 mm
• Functionality at temperatures from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius and allowed humidity of 10 to 80 percent

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