Water Park Automation

In this system, the customer receives a contactless wristband and purchases credit for it as they wish. These wristbands can be recharged as necessary. This wristband is a customer wallet and can be used in the dressing room, in the safe, as well as purchasing from a buffet, restaurant, and shops …
The client will be able to show his wristband to the reader of the locks installed in the dressing room and use the lockers as they need. It should be noted that this wristband only opens a corresponding locker door and other lockers will not be opened using this wristband. In addition, different groups of wardrobes can be assigned to certain wristbands and be considered part of the vip in the dressing room.

If there are separate sections or areas, or games and other services in the water park the price of which is separate from the entrance fee, controllers could be installed at the entrance and exit point.
Therefore, using this wristband system, people have their wallet with them and can access different parts of the water park without worrying about carrying money with them.

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