Sport Complex Automation

Considering that investing in sports complexes and clubs is risky and important, the managers face significant risks in the field of such investments. Therefore, the management system of the sports complex is very important and it has a very important role in maintaining the customers of the club. Meanwhile, easy management of the complex and control of customers’ traffic and the registration and extension of their registration and control of the amount of revenue from it on the one hand, and encouraging more customers to use the services of the sports complex or the club on the other,has been permanent concerns of the managers of these complexes. Therefore, using the sports automation system of Pardazande Pars, there is no longer a need for the traditional entry and exit of members as it is controlled with the software and prevents problem between operators and customers. At the same time, this system, with a very diverse range of features, which is briefly discussed below, addresses great problems such as abusive use of opportunists and some of the complex operators, the high cost of human resources management, and so on. . The diagram below shows the components of the sport complex automation system.

Mode of operation: In this system, a person who receives a smart card, according to the type of his registration, including the type of exercise and his registration period, by referring to the registration box, then by referring to the different parts of the complex and selecting the sport of your choice will be allowed into the area. It is worth mentioning that, depending on the type of locks installed on the closets, it is possible to use the locker room’s with the same smart card. In this system, if you use online locks, costumers can open the lockers only if their registration allows and they register an enter at the front door. Members can also use the card to access services of the park or restaurant or Shopping centers. With more than 111 types of reports, the system can provide information on the use of various venues with the time and date of use, and details.
For individuals who come to the club for a single session, there is also the ability to register for single-session entries and to deliver a receipt.

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System benefits:

  • Avoid abusive of frauds
  • Possibility of accurate management of operators
  • Control the number of members’ sessions and automatic card expiration
  • Announcing alarm for membership expiration
  • Avoid human-based errors
  • The possibility of contracting with welfare offices of ministries, governmental organizations and institutions, schools and …
  • Registration and maintenance of all club income
  • The possibility of connecting to a bank system to allocate the percentage of income between the owners
  • The ability to define different venues and sports with different registration methods

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