Attendance Automation

The attendance system provides managers with the opportunity to get information about the presence of personnel as well as how they come and go, at any given time, with access to information on entry and exit in different parts of the organization. With the help of this system at the time of the arrival and departure of each person, all the specifications of the personnel, along with his photograph, are displayed on the monitor for the responsible officer to control. Due to the ability to calculate leave and the personnel’s mission based on various work shifts, this system avoids manual calculations and has the ability to provide work deduction, delay, absence, overtime and leave, for a variety of legal and wage systems.

The advantages of the system include:

  • Reduced cost and increase in work efficiency
  • Provide a variety of management reports
  • Reduced errors and mistakes arising from manual calculations
  • The trust of the managerial staff and the personnel is in keeping records of the time taken
  • Speed and ease in staffing and salary calculation
  • Ease of storage and retrieval of recorded information
  • Supervise the travel of staff and personnel and plan how they work
  • The ability to calculate leave and mission of personnel and how they travel in different work shifts
  • Providing the amount of work deduction, absence, work mission, leave, delays and …
  • 6 months unconditional replacement warranty
  • 2 year warranty repair
  • 12 years after sales service
  • Free installation and training in Tehran and …
  • A free training session at the buyer’s location
  • A free training session at the company’s location

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