Car Rental Automation System

Nowadays, with the increase and development of business complexes and the recruitment of different individuals into these collections, the concern of managers and owners of these complexes is the welfare of the visitors and their satisfaction, and one of the most important aspects is the presence of children and their parents peace of mind while shopping.

Therefore places for renting a child car have been provided that not only entertains children, but also creates space for storing purchased goods and ultimately leads to creating a relaxed environment to facilitate your visit and purchase from stores.
So the management of rental cars is very important and plays a a very important role in maintaining customers. Two of the most important features of rental car management system are easy management and control of revenue on the one hand and encouraging customers to visit the complex more on the other hand.

At the same time, this system, with a very diverse range of features, which is briefly discussed below, addresses a lot of problems, such as the misuse of opportunistic people and the high cost of ticket printing, operator control, and so on. The following diagram shows the components of the car rental automation system

ماشین کرایه 1

In this system, the person receives a smart card and by placing the card on the built-in card reader, the time and date of entering and renting of the vehicle is registered. then by delivery of the car on the basis of the tariff registered in the software, the necessary calculations are started and by recalling and delivering the car and re-registering the card on the card reader, the departure hours are also recorded and the amount calculated will be shown to the operator and the costumer and will be included in the operator’s account.

In addition to a rental car this smart card can be used in the parking lot or restaurant, or even the child’s home. The software, with the ability to provide various reports, can provide printed report of the use of facilities with the time and date of use.

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