Child Care Management System

Nowadays, in our country, like in other countries, smart cards can be used in many different ways, and are the best alternative to cash. Some of the best uses of these cards are in the areas of parking lots, urban transportation, Sports amusement complexes and children’s play houses and stores for which extra security, financial reallocation, the ability to record personal information, the ability to record the date and time of their use, the absence of expiration dates, the possibility of their lifelong use are of importance. Today, with the advances in electronics, we are witnessing the advent of technologies that improve management of public and private places, entertainment, shopping by the day.

Pardazande Pars’ comprehensive child care management system has been designed for controlling attendance, calculating the time of presence, calculating the payment for each child, calculating daily, weekly, monthly and annual earnings using the latest day-to-day technologies. A smart system can use several elements for control. Smart cards and bracelets are one of the most important means of identifying children, which can be used solely or together based on the needs of the system. The system includes providing integrated capabilities for controlling the access and security of the child’s home and monitoring and controlling other existing and future subsystems, such as buffet and restaurant, performance management and reporting.


Software Features


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